May 15, 2009

Ketika...this is NOT the end of Public Health



Huuuff. just took a very deep breath. so we didnt have a judicium today. Maybe next week, hope so.

Blaming others? NOP! I was sad, NOT because we couldnt pass this today, but i was sad..because WE didnt make it. Those 'teamwork' things..

i know this is my fault, our faults. we didnt try our best, so God gives us chance to fix this. Cause God loves us, much more than anyone thinks:) God wants us to become more mature n stronger:)

There is always a rainbow after a storm..

believe me :)


Jelek said...

Yap honey, i believe in you :)

"Every moment that we have passed has a good thing, even the worst one"

But believe it or not, now I see that MATURITY in yourself..he:)

Keep go on honey! Wish u always success in every step u take. I'll always do my best to keep you stay strong :)

btw so sorry for my bad english (beginner..hehe:p)

aulia said...

thank u honey,
so lucky to have u in my life!

hope ure doing ur Pertamina test now:P