December 22, 2009

Ketika...yippiee!! *euforia mode on*

MY FACE SHOP comiiin'..
it was such a perfect gift!! *virtual kiss and hug for the beauty products:p*
and wait for my review in the next post, ok?:) *wink wink*

and this bag is from my daddy. Thank u dad!!:D luv luv.


mapple said...

wow!! it's always nice to get hauls^^ I just got some samples from theFaceShop to be tried. That's nice!

aulia said...

:) :) yup, i wish those samples were in big size:p

Nizma said...

hai jeng aulia....makasih yaa udah mampir ke blog CMBD ....
dulu pernah oriflame? join lagi yuukk trus jalanin deh serius, insya ALlah dibimbing sampai bisa punya penghasilan MINIMAL 4.5jt/bln gimana? mau gak? hehe
kesini aja yaaa
thanks ya jeng...wassalam